The company’s plan was to create unique housing for a demanding clientèle in a highly desirable villa locality in the heart of Smíchov with a beautiful view of both Prague and the surrounding greenery. The dominant feature of the project is the beautiful, reconstructed Art Nouveau villa originally owned by the factory owner Pašek and designed and built for him by the architect Wágner in 1912-1913.


Interior floors - oak wood - handmade - tree relief (parquets)
Tiles And Tiles
Light annealed marble - Italy
Interior door
Replicas of the original art nouveau including double doors - shade white
Replicas of casement windows with external double glazing and internal single glazing
Door/Window Hardware
Art Nouveau antique door and window fittings
The kitchen
English kitchen - Annie Edward / wooden luxury kitchen - completely handmade - wood - hand painted
Complete bathroom equipment including fittings by HansGrohe, spacious bathtub (1x), sinks (4x) and glass shower (2x), toilet bowl (3x) bidet bowl (1x), toilet equipped with bidet shower (2x), mirror, bathroom ladder (2x)

Heating and energy

Smart home management
Complete intelligent control - Siemens "Smart Home" control
Gas - own Geminox condensing boiler incl. hot water heating; floor heating Viega (Germany) + radiators
Air conditioning
LG Inverter air conditioning including air-to-air heat pump system
Controlled ventilation with air conditioning, including a hood in the kitchen
Luxury end control elements of regulation, switches, sockets
Luxury apartments are an example of sophisticated aesthetics for the most demanding.

Common spaces, non-residential units

Parking space
Parking spaces in underground garages with access to the panoramic elevator and with a direct exit in the hall of the apartment
Cellar Cubicles
Spacious basement cubicle + technical room for washing bikes and strollers

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